June Summer Kickstart


So you’re In the throws of half term, surrounded by sugar and working hard at keeping the kids entertained and just maybe you are considering a nice rest next week when the kids are back to school? Well think again! Active Essex are launching their 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days of June campaign and we are going to get involved. We have sessions running 4 days a week for you to participate in and will step up with suggestions/ideas and additional activities for the other 3. I invite you to join up and check in to brag about what you have been up to and as a team we can notch up some pretty serious hours of exercise between us. It’s the perfect kickstart to your summer fitness and will give you a great foundation for when it comes time to repeat all of the amusing and interacting you have been doing with your energetic offspring this week!

Hands up who’s in?

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