Days 21-24 - 3030essex

Those that know me will confirm that my technical ability is a work in progress so apologies for not bragging about each activity individually but as a 4 day combo!

Since Friday my minutes have been made up of a 5k run with my race for life team, circuit training, an 8.5k walk my my friends and their dogs and 2 of the sweatiest Kettlercise sessions known to mankind (it’s been very humid!)

I also had a marathon catch up with some of my good, good friends. In addition to a championship level of wine drinking and an insane level of stamina to talk for so long, the main take away was the laughing. My belly hurt!

I think you can achieve similar health benefits with a night with good friends as you can with a workout. The feel good factor stays with you for hours after and if you are fortunate enough to laugh like we did you’ll get a great ab workout too 😂😂

Work hard, play hard too.

#3030essex #thisgirlcan

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