Day 9 - 3030essex

This is absolutely true. If you can get into the habit of using your Sunday productively, you will reap the benefits for the week ahead.

Plan your meals, batch cook or prep in advance if you can, book your classes and without being too rigid, give yourself and idea of what you can expect to get out of the following few days.

If you allocate time in your schedule for workouts you will be less likely to skip them in order to prioritise the shopping or that bit of cleaning or odd job or whatever. (Kettlercise sessions are online for booking now 💪😁)

Similarly, considering your meals in advance will limit the chances of coming home hungry and tasting everything in the fridge and cupboards before you decide you know what you want and are already full up but eat it anyway!!

You don’t have to detail your life to the last millisecond and spontaneity is great and exciting, but if you are looking to build some healthier habits and some improved lifestyle choices then a little bit of prep will drastically increase your chances of success.

Sunday is is not just a day for being all sensible though. Do something you love - kick a football with the kids, take the dog for a long walk, put your earphones in and go for a run, turn up the music indoors and dance round your living room or keep things chilled and Sunday-ish and opt for a lengthy stretch or some yoga.

Whatever your choice, have a relaxed, productive Sunday and a successful week ahead.

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