Day 5 - 3030essex

It’s the ‘peak of the week’. Wednesday already and 1/6 of the way through the 3030essex campaign. How time flies! This was my 30+ minutes today - 2 sessions taught this morning with a few of Brentwood’s finest! It was sizzling and we properly got a glow on 🥵

Today is also global running day. Runners all over are lacing up and taking part in organised events, races, club runs or just getting out there on their own and notching up a good few steps.

I often hear ‘I’m not a runner’ or ‘I can’t run’ but what classifies you as a runner and who says you can’t? Surely if you can take a few steps with a bit more impact than walking and at even a slightly more accelerated pace then these claims are false!

I was never a fan of running and believed that it absolutely wasn’t for me but then went on to complete the London Marathon twice (I didn’t win!). So if I can......

In my opinion if you have the physical capacity to be able to run then you absolutely can evolve into a ‘runner’. The thing is to build gradually, don’t overdo it and be persistent. Not all runs are great, so don’t give up the first time it doesn’t go your way. Even small progress is progress.

If you want structure and help there are great apps that can help you. There are some with GPS trackers which are great for logging your distance and route. Also good if, like me, you’ve needed to find your way back from somewhere you thought you were but turned out you weren’t 😂. These apps often also offer training plans and give estimates of energy used, steps taken etc so can be a great motivator.

Also popular is the ‘couch to 5k’ which literally does what it says and coaches you from the position of a non-runner to being able to complete a 5k distance without stopping. A very credible achievement. Times and distances are preset for you and you can hear vocal cues so you can pop your earphones in and be guided through your run.

Safety and motivation are boosted if you run in company. There are organisations that will help you find a running buddy in your area or better still, consider your local running club. Joining fees are often nominal as the overheads are low. You’ll be outside after all! Clubs cater for differing levels of fitness and offer pacing groups at various speeds and distances. You’d almost certainly find one to suit your requirements and have the benefit of being among likeminded people who’ve been where you are and want you to succeed.

Why not have a try? Jog a lamppost distance, walk the next and see if you can make it round the block. You could one day be entering a marathon 🤔🤔🤔

Good luck. Tell me what you did today....

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