Day 4 3030essex

I love a Tuesday! Who doesn’t? You got the start of the week out the way yesterday so any transitional concerns from relax to business mode are dealt with and you know you can cruise through the rest of the days!!

I have two sessions of Kettlercise to deliver today. One first thing and one last thing. I absolutely love both. The energy that comes with the morning crowd as they’ve dropped off the kids, walked the dog or whatever and are setting themselves up for the ahead is totally infectious. Similarly, the determination of the evening crowd who have summonsed the will to leave the comfort of their homes and the temptation to sit and relax and joined me for an hour of sweat is both inspiring and impressive!

There’s no right or wrong time to exercise, lifestyles have changed and evolved over the years and we are now very much a 24 hour society. The best time to exercise? Whenever you can and want to - do what works for you. Some people prefer the ‘get it done early and out of the way’ approach whereas others find their focus once everything else in the day has been taken care of.

What’s your preference? What will you do for your 30 minutes (+) today and more interestingly - when?

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