Day 25 - 3030essex

Love my job, love my clients, loved getting the minutes in today. 😍😍

2 rounds of hero with a whole group of them, all bringing something different to the session but all equally fabulous!

I had two great classes today, an air-conned indoor hall this morning and an impromptu ‘al fresco‘ evening session on the playground as we didn’t want to be roasting indoors! That one was a treat! Lovely fresh evening air and loads of space! Best of all at both - the atmosphere.

I get a real buzz from seeing such a variety of women all meeting up and pulling together with the same goal in mind - to become fitter and healthier.

Regardless of age, shape, ability etc etc everyone is equal. They all push to their limits, they all laugh together, groan together and nobody sees anyone as any different to themselves.

For me? Total inspiration and motivation.

Thank you fabulous people 😁😁😁

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