Day 20 - 3030essex

Today was busy and non stop and exhausting and blah blah and I could have made a zillion excuses to not go back out once I’d got home and go to yoga but I didn’t, I got changed and I went. I was actually really glad I did.

I got a bit more enthusiastic once I entered the hall, the other participants must have had great energy which I was drawing off. There were a lot of lunge-y type poses and hip openers and it felt tough but good and apparently the work built us all up for our peak pose!

I never knew we did a peak pose, they all seemed pretty peaky to me. It was actually described as something else, though I can’t remember what, but I hadn’t realised we were building to something fiercer - I was finding it all pretty intense anyway!!

So then Nicky announced we had been preparing for splits. Splits!! 😂 I haven’t even thought about doing them since I was about 9.

To be fair, I was pretty flexible as a kid and could get forwards splits quite comfortably although only when the right leg was forwards but tonight I nearly made full splits again for the first time in a few decades and was better with the left leg forwards. (All sounding a bit okey cokey-ish now)

I did have a momentary internal panic once I’d achieved the position that I may not be able to unachieve it! But I styled it out and kept cool and just rolled to one side and collapsed once everyone else was looking elsewhere 😂

Pleased to report I can still move and managed to drive back home, hips in place and 30+ minutes under my belt.

It’s all good 👍

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