Day 2 - 3030essex

Ron enjoyed his walk during the cooler hours of glorious yesterday and spent the rest of the evening relaxing with a bbq!

How did you get on? It’s another scorcher today so going outdoors is very appealing but make sure you prepare for this and keep hydrated and suitably sun protected whatever and wherever you are. (Consider your pets too)

If the the heat is too much for you and you can’t possibly contemplate any exertion out in it you can always get your exercise done indoors where it may be cooler.

There are lots of credible apps and YouTube tutorials that will guide and support you through your chosen form of exercise. There are abundant formats to choose from ranging from HIIT to yoga so why not have a browse and try something in the comfort of your own home?

If watching something is appealing but you don’t fancy exercise instruction, you could always dust off the stationary bike/rower/cross trainer (you know it’s got the ironing hanging from it) and set it up where you can see the telly. You will be making so much better use of your viewing time.

Whatever you do, do it for 30 minutes - share it in smaller blocks if that works for you, but get your time in and a big ✅ for today.

Schools are back tomorrow, structure and routine resume. Get your week planned and prep for success.

Enjoy your sunday 😁😁

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