Day 18 - 3030essex

Expecting REALLY good things then cos we met the brief with that one!

Two lots of Hero Kettlercise for me today so that was my minutes taken care of.

I‘m hoping also that we have recruited some class members as new team mates for our race for life run on July 10th.

These are are great events to start yourself off with if you fancy dabbling with running but don’t want to put yourself under pressure.

You can can choose from 5k, 10k, muddy, obstacle whatever you fancy there is no pressure on time or completion but only on getting involved to raise awareness and hopefully funds for Cancer Research.

The races are are real community, inspiring, supportive, positive events. I’d absolutely recommend participating in one.

Check out the race for life website and sign up for one before they finish over the summer. Better still, sign up or sponsor our team - Michelles girls 2019

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