Day 14 - 3030essex

So we have a team formed for a race for life event in July.....

1 to get involved with a worthy cause

2 to have an achievable running goal

3 to do something exciting on a school night!

The team is formed of lapsed runners, never really run until now runners, total beginners, I fancy being a runner-s and sporadic runners. An eclectic yet fabulous motley crew.

The Friday morning gang, who form the bulk of the team, have been incorporating a training run as part of their session and up till now have been building the distance spent running without stopping. Last week was the best yet. The entire group ran the path we have been taking (just under 3km) without stopping or needing to walk once 💪

This week we obviously wanted to advance on that so I informed everyone that we would be taking a further distance, extending our route by another half a kilometre.

It was a beautiful thing! We went down a gear if it was feeling tough, rather than stopping or walking and actually did a whopping 4.6km in the end - AND a sprint finish 🏃‍♀️👍😁. A couple of the gang weren’t satisfied with that and continued on until they’d smashed out a fantastic 5k.

Friday goals 😁😁 By the time the event comes round we should all have the confidence that we can complete it in style!

Please join up to our team Michelles girls 2019 for the Epping event on July 10th if you can or please support us if you can’t. Or just get in touch to see about running with other amazing athletes like us 😊

It may be time to start planning that Autumn 10k goal..... 🤔

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