Day 13 - 3030essex

For me - Thursday is yoga day, ‘wonderful, serene, self indulgent, time out’ time! It also forces me to have a lengthy stretch which is a fabulous contrast to the last three days of kettlebells.

I love yoga sessions but lack the discipline to self practice so it is essential that I attend a class in order to participate in this activity.

Ive been attending Nicky/Brentwood Bliss yoga (other teachers/classes are available!) sessions on and off for years as often as my work schedule has allowed and love that I am still learning and developing week after week. There is always something further to strive for so it never becomes a routine chore but, as Nicky puts it, a journey 😊

I also think it’s essential to have the guidance and wisdom of a reputable instructor in order to progress your practice and learn not only what postures to do and how but why.

For those that teach yoga, it’s not just a form of movement or exercise but a lifestyle. Your yoga teacher will assist you in reaching levels of calm and reducing noise and stress as well as energising and restoring your physical body.

If you haven’t tried yoga before, I definitely recommend it. Some people think it’s the soft option for exercise but believe me, it’s not! It just take a different form and just because it may take a slow approach doesn’t mean it lacks intensity.

If you incorporate any weight training or strength work in your weekly routine then yoga will provide a good balance of muscle lengthening to complement this.

You can find local instructors all over Facebook and on community pages and groups. I know a lot of my regulars balance their fitness with this activity and we have at least 5 or 6 different clubs and teachers locally between us.

Have a go, set something up for next week - but in the meantime, have a ‘yogic‘evening all!!

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