Day 11 - 3030essex

Yesterday was a proper Monday!

In addition to the regular Monday activities, we had scheduled tonight’s class in for yesterday evening owing to the venue not being available today. However, when we turned up, the place was in darkness and we’d been forgotten about! 😳🙄

Had the weather not been so pants we could have used the outside grounds, but nobody likes swinging kettlebells in the rain and dark (or do they?!)

Anyway, ever resourceful, after a few manic phone calls, I managed to organise alternative space for us to occupy and we got the workout done ✅💪👍

Kudos to the dedicated participants who not only did the session but also helped transport the equipment to and from the car to the venue. Especially as we all did it the long route round (in the rain still) only to find a gate we had thought locked actually opened 😂😂 and could have made the entire process massively simpler 🙄😂. These fabulous women stayed late to workout, got soaked and gave up extra time in their evening to help make it happen.

Teamwork at at its finest. Thank you everybody ❤️❤️❤️

So today I still got my minutes done with just the one instead of two sessions taught and in place of the class this evening - a nice hot muscle soaking bath, long stretch, and some self indulgent rest.

Feeling very zen....... 🧘‍♀️ 😊

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