Day 10 - 3030essex

Today was a proper Monday - weather rubbish, loads of people with the hump, traffic fierce - it would have been very easy for people to hibernate and start again on Tuesday - and to be fair some did! But my hardcore gang did me proud - Sue dropped the car into the garage and walked a couple of miles in the rain to my 9.15 class and Jane, who’d donated her car to her son for the time being, cycled a 5 mile round trip to get to her 10.15 Kettlercise session also in heavy heavy rain.

Living proof of that if you think you can do something then it is ABSOLUTELY possible.

Sometimes the hardest part is just deciding you can.

If you’ve decided you can but are not sure what to do next there are loads of independent instructors offering a fantastic range of classes in and around Brentwood. There is also the Brentwood sports centre (which has an amazing offer on membership right now) and timetables a broad range of sports and classes all under the same roof as well as the other gym chains based locally.

Why not try something completely different for a change? You might discover a new favourite activity.

Whatever you do, well done for getting your minutes in and enjoy 😊

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