Day 1

So pinch punch, blah blah, etc. It’s the first day of June, it’s the weekend and it’s also the first day of the 3030essex campaign.

Although gym and club timetables offer less at the weekend, you may find you have more time on your hands than during the week to be active.

There is still opportunity out there.

How about a parkrun? These are great, well organised events and even better - they are free. Parkrun operate on Saturday mornings for adult focused 5km routes and in some locations on Sundays for a junior 2km event. Stewards and other participants are really supportive and genuinely want to see every ‘runner’ complete the course. When I say ‘runner’ - it’s not compulsory to run! Just get yourself round the course to your best ability and see how long it takes before you want to improve what you just did and be that little bit quicker, stronger etc etc. It can be addictive! Get the full lowdown at

Running not for you? When was the last time you dusted off your bike? There are plenty of ‘safe routes’ in our beautiful country parks so you don’t have to tackle the roads and road users. Lots of parks will have maps and distances available so you have a bit more control of your activity. You can get the kids on board with this one too. Just remember your snacks, drinks and

repair kit/pump - best to be prepared!

If you've got the family around you this weekend but a bike ride may be too much you can still get outside and get active. What adult doesn’t use the kids to get another chance to play rounders, badminton, frisbee and all the other fun things that were acceptable to play without a second thought as a kid but you feel a bit conscious of trying to rally your grown up mates to join in with? 😂 So do it. Impress the kids with your athletic skills!

If something a bit steadier and more sedate takes your fancy, you can always walk. Dog companions are optional but not essential! It’s a beautiful day to be out in the open. Make sure you got your sunscreen on (be safe!) and enjoy your stroll.

This is will be mine and Ron’s exercise today - a nice stroll later on, once I’ve had a leisurely day of painting, gardening, weeding, cleaning, vacuuming and other relaxing activities.

Enjoy your day. Let me know what you did.

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