And we’re back....

So the first week back was totally enjoyable, a little unpredictable, but generally successful!

we started the week with Rip Fast Kettlercise and the general consensus was ‘I thought it would be worse!’ However, a day or two later the participants were extremely grateful that it wasn’t 😂

The remaining sessions had last minute changes to the original ‘inception’ release or a kettlebell circuit owing to instructional modifications due to the absence of my voice 🙄😆. It was a great way to reintroduce everyone back to term though without too much fear and a brilliant opportunity to get back to the basics and review techniques and postural alignment.

The gift of a bell from thoughtful group member Abi, assisted in bringing the tiniest bit of order to the unruly gang that are our fabulous ladies 👊😂

Small group sessions resumed for those that were able to schedule them back in and it felt amazing for me to welcome the gang back to these. Great work from all those that attended. I’m looking forward to seeing the results that the remaining five weeks of this block will produce.

This coming week we look to keep the momentum going from a solid first week back and keep the focus on strong form and appropriate levels of ‘challenge’.

🌟Stars ⭐️ of the week... 💫

Laura and Pembe, 3 sessions 👊, equally active and enthusiastic in all 3

Anneli and Alex, continued activity throughout the summer.

Angie and Corrie - working fantastically through and returning after ’technical difficulties’ 🥰

Pleased to welcome new members Pembe and Sue and huge welcome back to everyone else.

Looking very much forward to the week ahead 💪👊😘

Till next time.....


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